What is Groove.ai?

What is Groove.ai?

Jul 20, 2023

So what is Groove.ai? It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) application which contains a powerful suite of tools designed for marketers by marketers. Which helps you create AI-generated funnels, branded websites, copywriting content. (Note Groove.ai will offer seamless integration with popular automation tools such as Make.com (formerly Integromat), Zapier, Pabbly, Integratley, and more).

Note: Groove.ai is a separate application to Groove.cm but is also from Mike Filsaime and team, who have many years of experience developing new software.

29.08.23 Update to this blog: Groove.ai is just about to be released (week commencing 5th September 2023 to the backers of the Project). So there is still time to get onboard as a backer. NOTE: you have until the end of 31st August 2023 to sign-up as a backer. Great news - there is a Lifetime Offer available of 1 payment of $897 or 2 payments of $497. So you can buy now and get access to Groove.ai in a weeks time!

Click on the link to See it in Action demo which is now available.

Click on the link - be quick there are Very limited date and times available to watch a livestream with Mike Filsaime where you can get your questions asked and answered before you make up your mind.

To get the best and most up-to-date idea of what Groove.ai will actually be able to do and can be used for I highly recommend watching the video below. Mike Filsaime the founder of Groove.ai and also Groove.cm goes through the application showing us what features it will have, why it is going to be better than the bog standard AI apps and how it is specifically aimed at digital marketers. There is a great case study to work through which will really help you wrap your head around it.

Groove.ai become a Backer of the Project today

Click on the Image below to find out more information and become a Backer today.

Other Groove Apps

There are other Groove Apps available which have been created by the Groove team, they are separate from Groove.cm but can integrate with it.

If you are looking for help with Websites, Funnels, Webinars, Memberships then take a look at my Groove.cm post.

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